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Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART)

Acupuncture can increase the probability of success of IVF and IUI in a number of ways.

  • Increase the uterine lining thickness.  A major cause of infertility and IVF failure is a thin uterine lining, or inadequate blood flow to the uterus.  Research and clinical experience show acupuncture has great ability to stimulate blood flow to reproductive organs and in many cases thicken the uterine lining.
  • Increase the number of follicles and the quality of eggs produced.  Obtaining sufficient high-quality eggs is the single most important factor in getting pregnant through IVF
  • Increase the probability of implantation.  A study performed by a German medical group found that women undergoing IVF became pregnant at a rate of 26%.  When acupuncture was done before and after the transfer procedure, the success rate climbed to 43% – a 60% improvement in outcome.
  • Improve sperm quality.  Men can benefit from fertility treatment as well.  Several studies show that acupuncture improves all 3 parameters of sperm quality – sperm count, sperm motility, and the percentage of normal sperm.
  • Relieve stress.  IVF is one of the most stressful events a woman can go through.  Acupuncture is particularly able to relieve stress and achieve relaxation.  This not only makes the process more pleasant, but increases the probability of success as well.
  • Relieve side effects.  The drugs used during IVF and IUI often have unpleasant side effects.  Acupuncture can reduce or eliminate those side effects, making the experience far less stressful.

” … In conclusion, most of the existing studies suggest a positive effect of acupuncture in infertility treatment. Firstly, acupuncture may improve ovulation by modulating the central and peripheral nervous systems, the neuroendocrine and endocrine systems, the ovarian blood flow, and metabolism. Secondly, acupuncture can improve the outcome of IVF-ET, and the mechanisms may be related to the increased uterine blood flow, inhibited uterine motility, and the anesis of depression, anxiety and stress. Its effect on modulating immune function also suggests helpfulness in improving the outcome of IVF-ET. Finally, the studies suggest that acupuncture plays a positive role in male infertility, the mechanism of which is not yet clear.”

– Chinese Journal of Integrative Medicine, May 2011

     At Libertyville Acupuncture we keep current on all the research on acupuncture and fertility, and offer the most up-to-date advances in the marriage of  modern Assisted Reproductive Technology and the ancient art of acupuncture.

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