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Powerful Therapies to Fight Viral Infections

While mainstream medicine has little for those infected with covid-19, several alternative physicians have created simple, safe protocols that may be helping patients fight off covid-19.  I have personally adopted some of these to prevent and potentially treat covid-19 should a family member or I become infected, and I’m describing them below. This is not medical advice of course, just information for you to do with as you please. I have no financial ties with any of the products mentioned in this post.

For many years, my number one go-to product for avoiding illness in the first place is Proboost Thymic Protein A.  It comes in small packets of powder which you place under your tongue, and it works like a miracle. The trick is to have some with you AT ALL TIMES, because it’s vitally important to take it at the first sign you’re getting ill.  Then the trick is to take it without fail every 4 hours for the next 3 days at least. The problem is that after a few hours you feel fine and you think “Looks like I wasn’t really getting sick after all, I must have just imagined it.” That’s a critical mistake because if you stop before 3 days, the sickness will come back, and this time it’s not so easy to stop.  (I will list sources for this and other supplements at the bottom of this post).

Another supplement that may help prevent or lessen this virus is called monolaurin.  Covid-19 – like the herpesvirus and some other viruses – is coated with a lipid (fatty) envelope and is highly vulnerable to soap, which dissolves the fatty envelope and renders the virus inactive.  Monolaurin is a food-grade surfactant derived from coconut oil which you can take as a supplement and which – like soap or detergent – dissolves fat and is reputed to inactivate lipid-coated viruses in one’s system.

Lauricidin is the original brand of monolaurin and is reputed to be of the highest quality and extremely safe.  It comes in a “tub” full of Lauricidin in the form of small “beads,” along with a small “scoop.” I take several scoops daily in the hope that it will inactivate any covid-19 viruses that get into my system before they can replicate and do harm, or at least slow replication and give my immune system time to mount a response.  Patients with recurrent herpes outbreaks, shingles, or Epstein-Barr virus – also lipid-coated viruses – may find they get additional benefits.

By far the most common use of Lauricidin is for chronic viral infections such as Epstein Barr Virus and herpesvirus.  Patients who have these infections may have strong herxheimer reactions when they take Lauricidin. This is caused by die-off of the viruses.

You may have such infections and not know it.  So if you decide to start taking Lauricidin – START OFF SLOWLY!!!  The maximum dose is 1 scoop twice daily or so. But when starting, do not exceed ¼ scoop once daily. Some patients cannot tolerate even 1/8 scoop daily at the beginning so again, please start VERY slowly. Try a very low dose for a few days and see how you react.  If everything’s fine, you can increase the dose – but again, SLOWLY. Work your way up very gradually, staying at each dose for several days. If you have a reaction, back off.  Listen to your body, which is the best guide as to how fast to increase the dose.

Dr. David Brownstein is an MD in Michigan who has been very much in the forefront of getting information out about powerful alternative treatments for covid-19.  His office is open for business and is treating covid-19 patients daily. He believes in his treatments so much that neither he nor his staff seem to have the slightest fear of covid-19.  He writes a daily blog complete with videos of patients he has treated and who have recovered from covid-19, and detailed commentary about treatments. If you are concerned about covid-19 – and who isn’t – it would be well worth your while to spend some time on his site and learn more about what he is doing.  Here is the link to his posts on covid-19: Corona Virus(

Dr. Brownstein and several other alternative MDs have had success with a therapy which is perhaps offbeat but apparently safe and powerful. It is nebulized hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). Not full-strength hydrogen peroxide, but mixed down to a much weaker solution. There are at least 4 MDs who use and write positively about this treatment, some in glowing terms.  I’ll go through their specific recommendations one by one.

First, Dr. Brownstein mixes up a nebulized H2O2 solution at his office and sells it, but only to his patients.  He has posted that the solution is approximately 0.05% hydrogen peroxide, and that it is possible to mix one’s own at home.  That is 3 parts of 3% hydrogen peroxide in 200 parts diluent, preferably sterile saline solution. This is a very weak solution, quite a bit weaker than the solutions proposed by other docs who do this.  Nevertheless, Dr. Brownstein claims to have had extraordinary success in healing viral infections quickly with this, and has posted videos of patients who have had success personally. One of them is his own cousin Jerome, with whom he did a video interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zk7Cr06Zi74&feature=youtu.be 

Dr. Brownstein recommends mixing food-grade hydrogen peroxide with saline solution (I’ll provide links where you might buy these at the end).  His patients nebulize about 3 cc each time, several times throughout the day. Again, read through his blog posts for much more on this. The link for his blog again is Corona Virus.  In one of his posts he says “Hydrogen peroxide, used correctly, is one of the safest and most effective treatments I have ever seen. By far.” Keep in mind though that bacteria can grow quickly in saline solution if sterility is compromised. So it’s best to make the solution fresh. Refrigeration can prolong its life to some extent.

Dr. Frank Shallenberger is an MD in Nevada who is also a big proponent of inhaling nebulized hydrogen peroxide at the first sign of a viral infection.  You can read an article he wrote about it here: https://weeksmd.com/2009/11/anti-viral-h2o2-nebulizer-kit/.  He doesn’t mention the concentration in the article, but told me directly by email that he uses 0.15% (20 parts saline solution to 1 part 3% H2O2). Dr. Shallenberger sells a pre-made mixture of this from his clinic; you can call and order some at 775-884-3990.

Dr. Robert Rowen is also an MD who writes about inhaling nebulized hydrogen peroxide for a viral infection.  He suggests starting at a low concentration, as low as 0.03%, and working your way up to a maximum of 0.3%. Here is his blog post: https://drrowendrsu.com/our-blog/pandemic-flu-colds-viruses-homeself-help-anecdotes/

What type of hydrogen peroxide, and what to mix it in?  All the docs agree that food-grade hydrogen peroxide is best, but that in a pinch you could use the H2O2 you buy in the drugstore.  Food-grade hydrogen peroxide comes in many different concentrations, some of which are too high for home use. It is safer not to have concentrations higher than 3% in your home.  

As a diluent, sterile saline solution is best (not the one used for contact lenses as it has preservatives in it), but again, in a pinch the docs agree you could use any non-chlorinated water such as reverse-osmosis water or distilled water.  Again, keep in mind that once sterility is compromised, bacteria can grow quickly in saline solution. So it is best to use solution that is freshly made.

So to sum up, here’s my covid-19 plan:

– I take Lauricidin every day as a preventative.

– At the first sign of sickness, I would start taking Proboost Thymic Protein A and inhaling freshly-made nebulized H2O2 0.15% solution several times daily.  Assuming this is working, I would continue for a minimum of 3 days and perhaps 4 or 5. Again, this is not medical advice, just what I am doing and would do if I suspected that I or a family member was developing covid-19.

Please do read through the original articles by the various docs, and Dr. Brownstein’s recent blogs, all of which I have provided links to above, so you can get the info “straight from the horse’s mouth.”

Following are links to buy the products mentioned above:

Proboost Thymic Protein A:  www.proboostdirect.com

Lauricidin: http://lauricidin.com

3% food grade hydrogen peroxide: https://essentialoxygen.com/products/food-grade-hydrogen-peroxide/

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    Thank you,

    Can I take the proboost and Lauricidin if I’m breastfeeding a 9 month old? Also is this good for kids?

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    • mouscher April 7, 2020, 11:23 am

      Juliana I’m not sure about that, please contact the manufacturer about breastfeeding and for kids.

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